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answer should be 75

In a class,among the passed students,Amisha is twenty second from the top and Sajal who is 5 ranks below Amisha, is thirty fourth from the bottom.All the students from the class have appeared for the exam.If the ratio of the students who passed in the exam to those who failed is 4:1 in that class,how many students are there in the class?
A) 60
B) 75
C) 90
D) Data Inadequate

Amisha is 22nd  from the top and sajal is 5 ranks below Amisha. So, sajal is 27th from the top. Also, sajal is 34th from the bottom.

Number of students passed =(26+1+33)=60

Let the number of students passed and the number failed be 4x and x respectively.

Then, 4x=60 and x=15

Hence, number of students in the class=60 (60+15)=75

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